Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Why the change of venue for 2019-20?

  2. Membership and ticketing

  3. About our partner venue – The Font

1. Why the change of venue for 2019-20?

1.1    Why another change of venue?

To cut a rather long story short, the wonderful Sky Sports agreed a deal with us that would have meant it was viable for us to stay at Patterns this season and then, at the very last minute, backed out and wanted to charge us even more than last season, so it simply was not financially viable for us to stay there for another season and keep it affordable for you, our members.  But you know how hard times are for these multi-million pound sports broadcasters, so you have to feel for them!

We are gutted not to be continuing at Patterns as they were such a great venue and team of staff.  However, our team have worked incredibly hard to adjust our plans at short notice and have struck a new venue-partnership deal with The Font, which we used for a couple of games last season. 

For more details about The Font see Section 3 of these FAQs.

1.2    Why not The Arch?

We loved The Arch for the CL Final, but it was a lot of work hiring in the screens etc.  Also we didn’t feel sure it would work as a venue for some of the smaller matches when our numbers attending may be lower (hopefully they won’t, but we can’t be sure).   

However, we will use The Arch for some big matches such as the Charity Shield and Super Cup Final.  Then if we get to some finals come the end of the season we hope to use The Arch as well as The Font (and maybe Patterns – and who knows where else!)


2. Membership and ticketing

2.1 What’s the deal with the new membership & ticketing structure?

Keeping it affordable for you: 

With the change of venue, and the significantly reduced overheads, we decided to review the membership and ticketing structure.  We spent a lot of time thinking this through and decided that we would charge a one-off fee for an annual official membership and that this would make matchday events free for members (excluding finals). 

Cheaper than last year:

This system works out cheaper than attending just eleven matchday events at Patterns last season and we expect to have over 40 matchday events this season. 

Securing our future:

We want to put the supporters club in a financially secure position for the future.  We never know what is around the corner in terms of venues and we may reach a point where we have to, or want to, pay for SKY/BT broadcast licences again at a private venue. So we are keen to build a healthy reserve in the club’s bank account.  We do also have some running costs to meet throughout the season.

Supporting our charity:

Something that sets us apart from a lot of other supporters clubs is that we run our own charitable project called ‘Kop Kits’. Due to the financial pressure we faced last season we could not do much with Kop Kits and we really want to get back onto this in a big way, because it is so aligned with our vision of ‘Building community & friendship through football’.

More on Kop Kits here:

2.2  So, this £30 (Adults) / £15 (Jnrs) membership is all I will have to pay this season?

Yes, pretty much.  Registered members will no longer have to pay for a ticket to each individual matchday event.  However, you will still need to register for your free ticket so we can monitor numbers for the venue (see point 8).

2.3 Will I have to pay for any events this season if I am a member?

Yes, but only in the following two circumstances:

If we hire a different venue for big matches:  If The Reds reach a domestic cup final, or the very late stages of the Champions League and we need to hire additional venues and equipment (like we did at The Arch) then there may be a charge for those matchday events.

For non-matchday events:  You will also have to pay for non-matchday events like The Anfield Wrap Live Show, BOSS Nights Event, and Legends Events (all of which we are working to bring you this season), but members will get priority option to purchase tickets for such events. Again this is because there are a lot of additional costs to host such events.

2.4 How do I sign up for membership?

You simply follow this link and register through Eventbrite.  You will need a debit or credit card to do this.

2.5 Can I buy a membership / tickets for my partner or family members at the same time as I purchase mine? 

Yes, you can buy up to two adult, 2 Jnr and 2 kids memberships on Eventbrite.  Then when you register for tickets during the season you can register for the same numbers of the members you signed up.  This is to save partners or families having to make multiple log-in.  If you need any greater number than this of Jnrs/ Kids email us at

2.6 Can I sign up for membership at any stage of the season?

There may be a cut-off point due to venue capacity, so don’t miss out - sign up today!

2.7 So I will receive a membership card?

Yes, you will get one of our lovely new membership cards with a membership number and your name on it. You will then need to bring this to all events along with your free ticket, printed or on your phone, for scanning at the welcome desk.

2.8 Do I still need to register for a ticket to each matchday event?

Yes, this is REALLY IMPORTANT.  All members will still need to register for a free ticket for each matchday event online through Eventbrite (the same system as last season at Patterns).  This is so we can monitor numbers attending and ensure we don’t exceed capacity.  This is also to assist The Font in getting their staffing and security team numbers right for the event.

2.9 What if I am a member and don’t register for a game and then decide I am coming on the day?

No problem, you can still register online right up until kick-off, or you can just turn up and if we have capacity you can gain entry.  However, we really need people to register online as it helps us monitor numbers. So please support us with this by registering online for tickets to every matchday event.

2.10 Will I need an actual paper ticket if I register for a matchday event as a member? 

No, you can show us your ticket on your phone, but bring your membership card with you too.  If you don’t have a phone that can show your ticket, then please print it out.

2.11 What if I register for a free ticket and then don’t actually attend the matchday event?

Obviously we really want to avoid this situation as it may mean another person missing out on the opportunity to attend if we are at sell-out.  However, we realise things can come up last minute that prevent you from joining us.

So we are going to have a ‘Fair Use Policy’ to make things fair for our community of fans.  Essentially if you repeatedly do not attend matches that you have registered for this may result in your membership being cancelled .  So please do not just block book all matchday events if you are not sure if you can attend.

2.12 What happens if I forget my card? 

Don’t worry, see the Event Team on the Welcome Desk, as we will still keep paper records!

2.13 What if I don’t want to become a member or my mates wants to come to a matchday event and they are not a member? 

No problem, if there are tickets left after the members have had the opportunity to register we will announce this, typically 7 days before the match, on Facebook and email and non-members can come along.  They will be charged £3.00 on the door or can buy a non-member ticket online through Eventbrite.  We will make this charge to keep things fair as members are paying for membership.

2.14 What happens if a non-member registers for one of the free member’s tickets?

If a non-member registers for a member’s ticket this will be picked up at the Welcome Desk as they will not have a membership card.  This person will be given the option to register as a member or be charged £3.00 on the door if there is any space left.  If we are sold out this person will not get entry.

2.15 I’ve joined The Eastbourne Kop; do I also need a membership for The Brighton Kop if I want to come to The Font for a matchday event?

We love The Eastbourne Kopites and so we will welcome you with open-arms!  As The Eastbourne Kop have their own membership scheme we don’t expect you to join our scheme too. 

Obviously if you are going to come to Brighton for most games as a member of The Eastbourne Kop we may want to review your situation and ask you to become a member of The Brighton Kop too, but we assume it will only be for a handful of matches next season, so you are all most welcome.

You will still need to register for your free tickets through Eventbrite, as we need to monitor numbers.  We will let you know on Facebook and by email when the tickets are released for matches.


 3. About our partner venue – The Font

 3. 1    Where is The Font?

Union Street, Brighton BN1 1HA. It’s in the South Lanes, right in the centre of Brighton.  2 minutes’ walk from bus stops in North Street and 10 minutes’ walk from Brighton Train Station. MAP:

3. 2    Will it just be The Brighton Kop at The Font?

We will have an exclusive area upstairs at The Font.  This will be the full upstairs area for big matches.

3.3    Will we still be having live music at the matchday events?

Of course, it was a deal-breaker for us if we couldn’t continue to have our Danny playing live for us.

3.4    Will we still be decorating the venue with our flags?

For sure, we will be taking over our area and decorating will all of the usual flags and scarves, which is a key part of making The Brighton Kop what it is.

3.5     Will I be able to see a screen?

Yes, there are 5 TV screens upstairs as well as a HUGE main screen above the bar that is visible for the upstairs.

3.6 Is there anywhere to sit and watch the match?

There is. The Font is a unique pub, in that it is a former church, and so there are a number of pews built in to the upstairs level (seats about 35) with amazing direct views of the main screen.  There will also be additional seating.

3.7.    What time can we arrive before a matchday event?

The Font is open regular pub hours, so you can arrive when you like and have some food and drink.  We will have to close our exclusive area for about 30-60 minutes before for the Event’s Team to set up – but you can always hang out downstairs.

3.8.    Are Under 18s allowed in at The Font?

Often, but not always. This was the only downside to this partnership deal to be honest.  Aa a regular pub in the centre of Brighton they are bound by licencing laws that mean under 18s need to have left the venue by 8pm.  We didn’t have this issue at Patterns as it was a private-hire arrangement.  We are really sorry this will impact some of our younger members for some matches.

 3.9    What’s the drinks menu like at The Font?

Have a gander at this:

3.10  Do they serve food at The Font?

They do, have a gander at this: