Frequently Asked Questions


  1. About our partner-venue, Patterns

  2. Tickets, Fees, and Membership

  3. Who can come

  4. New Levels for match day events

1. About our Partner-Venue, Patterns:

Where is Patterns ?

It’s here, near the Pier, where the Kopites are gonna cheer!   Google Map Link:

How many Brighton Kopites can Patterns hold ?

500 Kopites over two floors (250 each floor).  We will only open both floors if we sell enough match day event tickets.  Occasionally both floors will not be available as they will have other events on one of the floors.

Will I be able to see a screen easily?

Deffo, there will be projectors and large screens, plus some 50” TV screens on both floors.  You won’t miss any action unless you look away for a penalty! Your only issue will be choosing you favourite spot in the Patterns.

Will there be anywhere to sit if I want to?

Deffo, although it will be mainly standing, there is going to be a designated seating area upstairs. If you require a seat for health reasons, which is the only reason we will reserve seats, you can reserve one by contacting Benny at

When can I get in to Patterns on a matchday?

Usually we will be opening the doors 90 minutes - 2 hours before kick off so you can get settled, get some food down you, and get the bevvies in before kick off. Occasionally we may be opening earlier to show other matches that are on Sky/BT Sports and are of interest to the Reds.

Will there be food available at Patterns?

Deffo, we are going to be running our own ‘Suarez Bites - Kopite Kitchen’ at Patterns.  We will be keeping the food simple (because the kitchen is smaller than Goodison Park) and affordable, with all profits going to the supporters club and our charitable project ‘Kop Kits’. Veggie options will be available.   

What about the bevvies?

There will be drinks deals available on matchday and non-matchday events. These will include a £3.00 lager and cider. Also a ‘buy two large glasses and get the rest of the bottle free’ offer (3 for 2 glasses) on a brand of wine. Brands on all drinks may change from month to month.

Here is a link to the Patterns drinks menu:

Where can I smoke?

Patterns has an lovely terrace-area where you can smoke.  It has seating, a covered area it rains and patio heaters for when it’s baltic out there!

2. Tickets, Fees, and Membership:

Why are The Brighton Kop charging an entry fee at now?

Because we are having to pay a large fee for the Sky/BT Sports licences. The Brighton Kop is still very much a not-for-profit organisation run by volunteers, but we now have a significantly greater overheads. Once you experience the new venue and all that we are offering you will see that £3.00 Adults /£1.50 Jnrs (16-17) / Free Kids(U16s) ticket entry is a total bargain!

How do I buy a ticket for events?

Online from Eventbrite - it is so simple even Mario Balotelli could do it (unlike putting on a training bib!). All you need is a payment card and to enter a few contact details. Once you have registered the first time it is even easier as you just log in and buy tickets. There are two options available; you can buy a ‘Klub Kopite Monthly Pass’ which provides you entry for all matchday events for the month, this works out cheaper and easier. Alternatively you can buy individual tickets for each match.

Link for Matchday Event Tickets:

Can I just turn up on the day, or do I have to buy a ticket online from Eventbrite?

It’s a risky approach as we may have sold all the tickets by then.  Also, we really need people buying online to make event management easier. So just buy online! In addition, if you don’t register online you are not officially a member of The Brighton Kop and will, therefore, will miss out on member benefits, such a the Anfield Ticket Allocation Scheme, and priority booking for big games at Patterns - remember the Champions League run-in last season!

 Link for Matchday Event Tickets:

Will I have an actual paper ticket?

Nope, you’ll get a confirmation email and then you’ll be on an attendee list at the door.  Please bring ID, a bank card or a copy of your email (on yer phone is fine) just in case.

Is The Brighton Kop still running a Membership Scheme?

Nope, just buying a ticket on Eventbrite makes you a member - which is why it is essential you purchase your own ticket online, at least once, or get the person purchasing for you to enter your email address for your ticket.  Those who purchase ‘Klub Kopites- Monthly Passes’ will receive a host of additional member benefits that we are working on, in addition to getting extra ‘Loyalty Points’ for our Anfield Ticket Allocation Scheme and priority option for big games at Patterns. So it makes sense to go for the Klub Kopites option.

What happens if The Brighton Kop starts to make a profit from the match day and other events?

There is a long way to go before that is likely!  However, when it does happen we will be reviewing the entry fee situation, and of course continuing to build our wonderful charitable project ‘Kop Kits’.

3. Who can come?

Are Junior Kopites (16 - 17 y/o) allowed in to Patterns?

Deffo, including evening matches, so long as they are accompanied by an adult and obviously do not drink any bevvies! Tickets are half price for Junior Kopites.

Are Kopite Kids (U16s) allowed in at Patterns?

Deffo, under 16s are welcome for daytime games, but need to leave at 9:00pm.  We are creating a Kids Korner for the younger ones, with a few games and activities so parents can watch the match hopefully fairly hassle-free! Tickets are free for Kopite Kids

Can I bring a mate along who is not an LFC fan?

Deffo, they’ll be most welcome, but you’ll need to buy your mate a ticket rather them them registering on Eventbrite, as this will make them a member of The Brighton Kop and they will receive our emails etc. Make sure they understand the vision and ethos of The Brighton Kop is “Building Community & Friendship Through Football”and that they buy in to this.

4. What will happen on match day events:

By creating this partnership with Patterns we have much more freedom and scope than ever before on match days.  Meaning we can can develop a whole matchday event for the big games - there will be live music, DJ sets, more flags than you have seen before, 1st LFC Goal Competitions, Prize Draw Raffles - with some great prizes that will be drawn on the day, and occasionally we will have special guests.

Live music and DJ sets you say? Tell me more.

For live music think Jamie Webster and ‘BOSS Nights’ from Liverpool  - lots of sing-along and bouncing around to Liverpool songs and some Beatles classics, like happens in the fans parks across Europe when the travelling Reds are in town.  Because this is usually a live music venue and club the sound system is really amazing - you might even say it is new levels!

Special guests, like who ?

We are working on some special guests to come down and join us at what will soon be known as the best place to watch the Reds outside of Anfield!  We will keep you posted. We already have The Anfield Wrap lined up for another live show in January, and hope to be hosting a special event for when the travelling Reds are in town for the Brighton match - they are the most special guests of course!