Club History

2013-14 Season:


The Brighton Kop was formed in early 2014 in response to the realisation that there were regularly small groups of Liverpool fans watching televised matches at various pubs across the city but there was little interaction between the groups and no chanting or atmosphere of the sort that we so associate with Liverpool Football Club and Anfield. 

On 20th March 2014 a Facebook group was created.  Our founder, Benny Punk, decided upon the aspirational name of The Brighton Kop as the aim was to recreate the chanting and banter of the mighty Anfield stand.  Within a couple of weeks 20-30 members had signed up and started to turn up and hang out in the pub together as we watched the thrilling run in to the 2013-14 season.

2014-15 Season:


At the start of the 2014-15 membership of the group started to swell and we arrived at the opening game of the season in our 'We Go Again - The Brighton Kop' t-shirts and badges. It felt at that point like The Brighton Kop had truly arrived.

In October 2014 the club expanded into the playing side by holding its first footie session on Hove Lawns.  Approximately twelve players turned up for a classic 'jumpers for goals' session.  'Brighton Kopites FC' (Link to page) played their first competitive football in the Football v Homophobia 6-a-side tournament at University of Sussex on 7th February 2015 and we walked off with the silverware!!!

In January 2015 we found about another LFC fan group based in Shoreham called ‘The Unconventionals’ and made contact with them and they have become good friends and part of the wider Brighton & Sussex Supporters Club.

In early 2015 it was decided to turn the group in to a formal supporters club. On 5th February the first Management Committee was formed and a Constitution was adopted to govern the club, whose formal name was decided as 'Liverpool FC - Brighton & Sussex Supporters Club' but still to be known locally as The Brighton Kop.

To mark the club's first birthday in March 2015 the first non-match day event took place.  The club hosted a film night and screened the 'One Night in Istanbul' film. By this stage the club had 200 members in the Facebook group and ended the 2014-15 season with seventy official registered members.

2015-16 Season:


Other than the departure of Rogers and the exciting arrival of Klopp, the first half of this season was not remarkable in any way on the playing front.  Membership of The Brighton Kop continued to steadily grow as did numbers of supporters attending the pub on match days.

By March the Europa League Cup run in began in earnest, with the Man Utd and Dortmund games seeing the biggest turn outs for The Brighton Kop at the pub to date.  The scenes during the second half and then at the final whistle of the Dortmund victory at Anfield will live long in the memory of those that were there.

The Europa League Cup Final brought disappointment in terms of the result, but saw the largest crowd of Liverpool fans there has ever been gathered in one venue in Brighton – estimated at 200.  The atmosphere generated was truly amazing and was the manifestation of the original vision of what The Brighton Kop could become.

In June the club applied for ‘Official Liverpool Supporters Club’ status from Liverpool Football Club and were placed on the waiting list.

2016-17 Season:


On 10th September the supporters club launched its charitable project ‘Kop Kits’ (create link to Kop Kits Page).  The aim of which is to provide football kit and equipment to disadvantaged children and young people.

On 16th September we were delighted to receive notification that the club had been awarded official status by Liverpool Football Club.  The Official Liverpool Supporters Club - Brighton & Sussex’ was born!