Club Governance

The club has a set of policies that govern the club and ensure that the way it is run is transparent for all members.  

Constitution: The constitution is the governing document of the club that sets out the rules of the club and how it should be managed.

Financial Control Policy: This policy details how the club manages any money collected from members for membership fees and fundraising events and activities.

Data Protection Policy: This policy details how the club handles and manages data held about members of the club.

Disciplinary Policy: This policy details how any disciplinary matters are managed by the club in relation to members that bring the club in to disrepute or breach the club’s Equal Opportunities Policy.

Equal Opportunities Policy: This policy details the clubs expectations about equal opportunities and a commitment to the policy forms part of the terms and conditions of membership of the club

Anfield Ticket Allocation Policy & Procedure: This policy details how the club manages the distribution of tickets that it receives from Liverpool Football Club as a result of being an Official Liverpool Supporters Club.


Copies of any of these policies are available. Please request your copy below.

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